Lack of sufficient and adequate housing is a reality from coast to coast to coast for Indigenous Nations. It is a modern tragedy resulting from centuries of underfunding, mismanagement and racist government policies. Our team works extensively with Indigenous governments across Canada to support their housing initiatives in many ways, from the creation of Housing Commissions/Authorities, to drafting housing policies, supporting the restructuring of housing departments, and drafting agreements, leases, policies and related documents. We also support our clients in the creation of strategic plans to ensure that governments can plan ahead to meet their long-term housing needs in a way which protects their vulnerable populations and supports growth and prosperity. Following the coming into force of the Family Homes on Reserve and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act and the First Nation Land Management Act, many Indigenous nations are moving towards adopting their own family property laws, to ensure children and vulnerable spouses are protected in the unfortunate event of divorce, death and family violence. Our lawyers work with many Nations in the development and adoption of these laws.

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