Child and Family Services

Colonial institutions and legal systems have for too long taken Indigenous children away from the care of their communities, families, and cultures.  In response, Indigenous governments are increasingly asserting and exercising their jurisdiction in relation to child and family welfare and services.  Our team works with Indigenous governments and Indigenous-led organizations to advance self-government in this area by:

  • supporting the revitalization and recognition of Indigenous legal orders relating to child and family welfare
  • drafting related laws and policies and supporting their implementation
  • negotiating and drafting funding and other agreements to support the development and sustainability of Indigenous-led child and family welfare and service institutions
  • advising on legislative reforms needed by other governments to support the exercise of Indigenous self-government over child and family welfare and services
  • helping to ensure that Jordan’s Principle is fully implemented

If you would like to talk to a lawyer specializing in this area, please contact:

Kathryn Deo
Catherine Fagan
Ian Moore