Impact Benefit Agreements and other Economic Agreements

Having extensive experience in drafting and negotiating impact benefit agreements and other economic benefits agreements on behalf of our clients, Arbutus Law Group LLP brings strategic expertise to ensure that not only are our clients’ Aboriginal rights and title protected and their traditional way of life is supported, but they benefit in receiving their fair share of the financial and other rewards as a result of development on their land and territory. In this way, Arbutus Law Group LLP supports our clients’ goals to develop their territory in an environmentally sustainable manner, and in a way that is beneficial and culturally appropriate for their entire Nation. We will negotiate and work to implement agreements at all stages, from initial exploratory sessions, to memorandums of understanding, pre-development agreements, impact benefit agreements and other agreements that may be required during the implementation phase. We are comfortable and experienced in the often complex environment in which these agreements are negotiated. On behalf of our clients we collaborate with resource companies, municipal, provincial or federal governments as well as other Aboriginal Nations also impacted by a proposed development.

If you would like to talk to a lawyer specializing in this area, please contact:

Kathryn Deo
Catherine Fagan
Emily Boyle
Rosalind Campbell
Ian Campbell
Melissa Louie